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Lift Tables

Lift tables can come in a vast array of configurations and can be built to suit various highly specialized industrial processes. The most common lift table design incorporates hydraulic cylinders and an electrically powered pump to actuate the scissor lifting mechanism. Lift tables can also be driven by pneumatic sources, trapezoidal-threaded screw drives, push chains or by hydraulic foot pump when the load is not heavy. Lift tables can be mounted in a pit for floor-level loading, especially useful for access by manual pallet-pump trucks and the mobility impaired or wheelchair users.

scissor lift

Scissor lifts are used to lift workers to heights that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. A scissor lift is attached to a moving piece of equipment, and has a large work station, known as a scissor lift table, that allows users plenty of working room and a place to hold equipment

boom lift

It is often mounted on the back of a large vehicle such as a truck (in which case it may also be called a bucket truck), it can also be mounted on a flat back pick up van, or sometimes on a stand-alone trailer or self-moving platform. The bucket is designed for a person to stand in and work from.

vertical lift

A Platform Lift serves to replace stairs, by moving wheelchairs users vertically between two levels.A Vertical Lift is an extended platform lift that covers many storeys, enclosed in its own shaft.Its discrete, self-contained construction makes it ideal for commercial premises and public building..

dock levelers

When you need to move into or out of a van, box or container you have the same decision elements plus the need for a level off zone at the top before your load enters or leaves the truck. Yard ramps help you handle freight faster off trailers. Wherever you need it, yard ramps move there easily! -..

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