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Auto scissor lift pipe installation requirements

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Auto scissor lift pipe installation requirements

1) To auto scissor lift steel pipe fittings, flanges, parts installation quality testing should be carried out, if any shortcomings found, fittings, flanges, prohibit the use of parts should be replaced, and blowing clean with kerosene and gas .

2) Auto scissor lift pickled steel tubes for now use gas blowing time of installation.

3) measuring pipe scales. Already in place to auto scissor lift steel hydraulic valve units, azimuth pump stations, main and auxiliary engines and related parts should be carefully measured, and strive precise joints between parts of the twists and turns are more messy tube shape to do a model, Then press the scale or template to cut the pipe.

4) quality test tube, to identify auto scissor lift steel materials, scale and quality is in line with planning rules; see the appearance of the pipe is not a serious crush or tortuous; view on the outer wall surface of the pipe corrosion is not a representation, wall crack is not a disadvantage. If demand or irregularity seriously flawed pipe shall not be used.

5) steel pipe must be installed auto scissor lifts planning drawings or actual measurements reasonable placement.

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