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Dock ramp transmission system using public

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Dock ramp transmission system using public

gear shifting system in two adjacent gear set, the first driven gear of a gear set serves as the latter group, the pinion gear, the gear is called a common gear, It also can be used with two gear.

common gear used, you can reduce the number of gears, saving quantity, shorten the axial dimension, the structure is compact and simplified drive mechanism. It should be noted, the use of common gear some unfavorable factors may also occur. For example, sometimes the transmission ratio will be subject to certain restrictions, sometimes increasing the radial dimension, and utility gear life is short, wear fast, etc., so try not to use public gear. Currently, the use of a single common gear more, dual utility gear also has a single common gear is applied less.
design single common drive gear when determining the transmission ratio of the transmission sub-method and the general transmission no difference. As long as the number of teeth in the calculation of the public, we noticed that the gear shift belong to the same group before and after the two can be. Therefore, when the gear strength calculation to the attention of the public suffered gear bending stress is symmetric cycle, and this is a common gear pulsation cycle.

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