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How to check the scissor lift line fault

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How to check the scissor lift line fault
1. Voltage profile when used to detect the scissor lift, you need power, and then also have to be measured in accordance with the circuit diagram of the voltage, to determine the point of failure by measuring the voltage value and analysis.
2. inspection resistance profile, you need to disconnect the power, and then measured by the circuit diagram, according to the size of the measured resistance value, to analyze the point of failure.
3. When using universal scissor lift check fails, you can use the resistance profile and voltage profile for testing.
4. inspection method shorted, you can control the schematics as a basis for the scissor lift, for possible failure contacts, switches and other short-circuited, the short, if the fault is removed, and it shows in this part of the fault narrow the range, and then check, you can know where the point of failure.
5. should check the line with on-site maintenance personnel, to prevent checking line, secretly opening and closing switches, causing accidents.

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