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How to design stage scissor lift assembly

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How to design stage scissor lift assembly
1 design parts diagram
parts diagram contains all the information required for the manufacture of parts. This information includes geometric shapes, all sizes, the size of the machined surface tolerance, geometric tolerance and surface roughness, materials, heat treatment and other special technical requirements.
2. improve the assembly drawing
parts diagram in the drawing, the more specific structural design of parts from structural strength, technology and other aspects of standardization, assembly drawing some modifications inevitably have provided the technical design phase.
3. purpose of preparing technical documentation
preparation of technical documentation for product manufacturing, installation and commissioning to provide the required information, product quality inspection, installation and transportation, such as making use of the appropriate regulations. Technical documentation including product design calculations, product brochures, product quality inspection standards and rules, schedules and other products. Product list includes basic items (the product design) schedule, to borrow pieces (to borrow another product pattern) list, standard parts list and purchased parts list and so on.

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