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Hydraulic car lift the cause of noise

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Hydraulic car lift the cause of noise
Hydraulic car lifts will produce a lot of noise, which Mody general noise which aspects are caused by a too? Motors, cylinders, lifting mechanism, etc. are sources of noise.
(1) We heard the noise of hydraulic lifts, you can check the hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and hydraulic mounting problems caused by them see is not vibration noise.
2 If we replace the hydraulic oil at the time, due to operational errors, leading to the hydraulic cylinder with air, under the action of high pressure, prone to cavitation, high-frequency noise. If the seal is tight or a new ring will have a greater noise, which generally run for some time will be better.
4 Hydraulic car lift the relief valve can also produce high noise. When the hydraulic oil mixed with air relief valve stuck or badly worn, the relief valve spring fatigue deformation results in unstable regulator relief valve, relief valve pressure relief situation when time is too short, easily lead to relief valve stable performance section of a pilot valve, the pilot valve and noise caused by air vibration. So we should always wash relief valve, pressure relief valve is damaged or badly worn relief valve should be replaced.
5 hydraulic oil is low, the hydraulic pump will produce cavitation phenomenon, causing air to enter the hydraulic oil, will produce high noise.
    In summary, the noise caused by the Hydraulic car lift for many reasons, we check the reason, the need to exclude, in order to really solve the problem of noisy elevator. Under normal circumstances need professional guidance in order to conduct an inspection personnel, customers do not act on their own blind.

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