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Loop hydraulic system lifts the wheelchair lift device

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Loop hydraulic system lifts the wheelchair lift device

make two or more hydraulic cylinders, maintaining the same displacement or the same speed in the movement known as the synchronization loop circuit. In a multi-cylinder pump system, although the active area of ​​the cylinder is equal to, but suffered due to the movement of the load is not balanced, the frictional resistance is not equal to the wheelchair lift, and the type of manufacturing error or the like of the amount of leakage, the hydraulic cylinders can not synchronized action. Synchronization loop role is to overcome these effects to compensate them for the changes caused by the flow.

Wheelchair lift in use mainly by system support, especially a hydraulic lift system is very important, throughout the entire process is used, it has a kind of synchronization loop and define it?

series hydraulic cylinders synchronized loop. The first cylinder chamber oil return the drained fluid to be fed into the second cylinder into the oil chamber. The effective area of ​​the piston oil chamber is equal to if the series, can be synchronized movement. This circuit can withstand two cylinders of different loads, but the wheelchair lift pump supply pressure is greater than the sum of the two-cylinder working pressure. Due to leakage and lifts

manufacturing error, affecting the accuracy of synchronization serial hydraulic cylinder, when the piston reciprocates once, have severe imbalances, for this to take corrective measures. Two single-acting cylinders in series, and with the synchronization loop compensation device.

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