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Mobile dock ramp from MORN manufacturers




Mobile dock ramp


This product is special suit for loading and unloading cargo from the container on the truck.

1. It is used on occasion where there is no dock or loading&unloading location is not fixed or loading&unloading place is too small.

2. The operation :power driven&manual pump dual. You also can choose only one method and the price is much different.

3. The tyres can be raised to lift-off during useage through manual pump and can be let down when its needed to move.

4.Its moveable by both manpower or forklift.

5. Safety facility: two safety struts are braced up during operation and also hook chains to connect with trailer bed

6. Technical drawing and schematic is avaiable any time. Pls kindly contact us to get it.

7. We use grill steel board instead of common steel plate, which is very sturdy.

8. Total operation times for the manual pump:50 times

9. There are brackets for connecting with forklift at the end.

10. Electrial pump volume:3.2ml

11.Control button voltage:24v




Mobile dock ramp from MORN manufacturers
Mobile loading ramp

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