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Must be used to prevent air boom lift invasion

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Must be used to prevent air boom lift invasion

In the normal state, the boom lift hydraulic oil volume ratio will generally contain 6-8% of air when the pressure is reduced, the air free from the oil, the bubble will burst hydraulic Components "cavitation" noise. When a large amount of air into the oil will intensify hydraulic components "cavitation" phenomenon, so that the hydraulic oil compression increases, job insecurity, reduced efficiency.
In addition, the air invade the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil oxidation will accelerate the deterioration of the oil. Therefore, we must prevent the use of air intrusion boom lift hydraulic system. Specific measures are as follows:
1, according to the boom lift repair and oil change after using the instructions provided to exclude air from the system to normal operation.
2, prohibit hydraulic pump suction nozzle exposed oil surface, the suction line to ensure a good seal.
3, to ensure a good seal oil pump drive shaft, with particular attention should be using the "lips" authentic seal the premises when replacing seals, can not use "single lip" seal replaced because "single lip" seal only one-way seal oil, does not have the function of sealing gas. Otherwise, there will be a continuous hydraulic pump "cavitation" noise, fuel tank level is automatically increased fault.

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