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Permeability causes leg scissor lifts

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Permeability causes leg scissor lifts

Outrigger outrigger permeability oil leakage phenomenon shows that there is a foreign leaked hydraulic circuits, each circuit element, bad seal fittings are easy to form the outer leak. After analysis, the reason for excluding the pipeline, the oil that leaked outside leg scissor lift cylinder rod is formed with oil.

outrigger cylinder piston rod seal is a Yx-ring seal. Under normal circumstances, Yx-ring lip follower blade is better, only small friction, and its "test" good oil. However, Yx-ring at the moment a sudden pressure, the internal pressure of the squeeze effect as a chance to make it self-sealing phenomenon occurs, the oil adhering to the piston rod there can be excessive extrusion, forming piston rod stretched out when the oil layer thickness. When the piston rod retracted wiper fluid may be scraping the next part, stuck in the piston rod end, followed by the gradual accumulation of fluid retention, and ultimately form droplets from the scissor lift  rod outer legs fall. In addition, Yx-ring lip edge damage, parts machining error and other factors also exacerbate permeability scene.



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