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Precautions scissor lift reducer

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Precautions scissor lift reducer

1, before use, please confirm in advance whether the appearance of damaged gear motor? Is there leakage?

2, please confirm in advance the use of gear motor voltage. Voltage instability dissecting mounted regulator.

3, please first confirm the purchase gear motor specifications and design specifications are consistent?

4, make sure that the fixed base, in order to avoid running gear loose.

5, if the use of sprockets, pulleys, couplings ...... and other accessories, to be installed in accordance with the relevant provisions indeed.

6, the body was placed in gear motors lubricated with butter, 12,000 hours free oil change.

7, when the motor drive running gear, shall not exceed the rated current of the motor nameplate current value.

8, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues.
9, adapt to the environment of -10 degrees to +40 degrees, the humidity is 90% or less, interior elevation of 1000 meters below.

10, if Failure to properly install, maintenance or operation, geared motors may cause serious injury.

11, repair or demolition required to confirm from an external power supply completely off gear motor.

12, really need to install safety devices to ensure absolutely safe operation.

13, the motor needs grounding wire, please refer to distribution regulations.

14, be sure to confirm all installation parts and transmission parts fixed correct, re-start the geared motor.

15, if geared motor with inverter drive at low speed, the need to install separate auxiliary cooling fan.

16, single-phase geared motor power still remains after most of its capacitor charge, please first discharge, or end terminal grounded.

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