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Scissor lift the leg, which has several forms

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Scissor lift the leg, which has several forms

(1) Of this frog legs legs legs activity in the fixed leg of the hinge, which commenced operation is completed by a hydraulic cylinder, is characterized by simple structure, light weight, But little leg span, only for small tonnage cranes.
(2) H-type outrigger legs in the scissor lift this is not common, there are two hydraulic cylinders. Legs stretched out after the event, when working vertical leg brace, shaped like H is named. Is characterized by a large outrigger span, better adaptability for the venue, has been widely adopted. When
(3) X-type outrigger legs of this work was the leg X, the weight space activity is larger than the H-legs, and the H-leg so often used in combination, form the front H, the X type.
(4) Radiant legs to the center of rotation of the turntable center, bowl-shaped frame from the frame down radially outwardly four legs. Is characterized by good stability when lifting operations are used in some large crane.
(5) When the swing leg lifting operation this leg, the leg under the action of the hydraulic cylinder and the frame can be swung to a position perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the upper; non-working state, the legs can not be too long, Therefore, the strut spacing small.

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