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Scissor lift welding mouth caveats

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Scissor lift welding mouth caveats

Through binocular welding spot welding notch distribution. Welding longest interval not more than 600mm, due to the iron and steel equipment susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction, so the welding is not completely closed, the narrowest of not less than 400mm. Customers can increase the ability of the naked eye or through a magnifying glass to light illumination weld defects found at the mouth.

Magnifying glass can not be observed clearly in place, such as small steel tubes of small diameter welding or precision parts, such areas can be used to see if the industrial endoscope by the naked eye. Check the welding work

Scissor lift mainly involves the following places: whether fusion welding agent, weld cracks and whether there is a bubble and all unusual place. If the Scissor lift is higher quality requirements, the need to carry out inspection car using only high-tech, common-ray examination of such technology and ultrasonic flaw detection. These are non-destructive examination methods.

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