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Vane pump scissor lifts structural problems

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Vane pump scissor lifts structural problems

Scissor lift blades work within the pressure chamber, they are subject to the inner surface of the stator growing role thrust F retracted slot. Diameter of the blades of the rotor when the place, the force of the blade surface of the stator vane in the direction along the groove and sliding pressure angle formed by the direction the mouth is large, and thus the friction suffered blade in the slot is large, the blade slide difficult even be stuck or broken. If you do not do a radial vane put forward a steering angle but along the mouth, when the pressure angle is a p a port 7. Pressure angle decreases conducive blades slide in the slot, so double acting vane pump rotor vane groove often made of a forward tilt angle of the mouth placed. General inclination vane pump mouth desirable l0. ~ L4. , YBl series vane pump rotor relative radial connections forward l3. .

Lifting platform in order to prevent the suction chamber and discharge chamber communicate with the oil pan seal oil zone angle is greater than or equal to the angle between two adjacent blades. Each workspace in a sealed oil region may be due to a manufacturing error arising from a similar kind of trapped oil gear pump phenomenon. Therefore, YBl type vane pump with oil pan seal oil pressure zone into one end of the oil window has opened a triangular tip slot S, the closure of the oil between the two blade slots gradually through triangular tip connected with the high pressure chamber, slowing oil fluid from the low pressure chamber into the high pressure chamber of a sudden boost in order to reduce pressure pulsation and noise. The specific size of triangular grooves, generally determined by experiment.
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