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Wheel chair lift for sale -MORN

MORN Wheel chair lift

MORN wheelchair lifts are the perfect choice to provide accessibility for many years to come, while ensuring the dignity and safety of individuals with disabilities. All MORN wheelchair lifts come with a one-year warranty, setting an unparalleled industry benchmark, which is a true testament to the lifts' durability and superior craftsmanship. All MORN lifts are also designed and made in China

1, Scissoring lifting structure, hydraulic drive, which can make smooth and safe lifting

2, It introduces blind way stainless surfaces and guardrails, possessing compact and fine appearance, which

3. It can be installed into the supporting pits of the equipment, as the platform is flush with the ground, therefore, the neighboring environments shall not be hindered.

4, The machine is easy to operate but uneasily to stand water and rust because of the discharge channels in the pits, it adopts hydraulic powered system, and the electric control system is placed in the lower chassis of the high platform, which greatly improves the safety of the equipment and facilitates its maintenance.

5, The equipment can configure safety protection facilities such as folding shields and safety edges; meanwhile, it also possesses advantages like easy operation and high safety.

6, It’s suitable for large-sized newly-built residential estates and those areas where there is compact land resource and etc.





Wheel chair lift for sale -MORN
Wheelchair lift for disabled

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