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Why auto scissor lift will spill

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Why auto scissor lift will spill
Vane pump vane pump oil spill leakage and leakage mainly divided into two cases, respectively, we introduce the following two oil spills causes and solutions!

Within vane pump drain: auto scissor lift vane pump leakage occurs mainly because the oil pan and the rotor axial gap between too large, we can adjust the gap between the rotor and the oil pan, and let about 0.015 mm. And the lift pump, oil pan trachoma, damage, cracks are also likely to occur when the leakage when these components is damaged, it can only replace the parts.
vane pump leakage: There is leaking, then you need to replace the seals, but also need to check the seal groove, the sealing member between the surface roughness of whether there is bruising around the pump if the auto scissor lift and pump and pump cover, if it is found Repair damage immediately.
Elevator shaft oil seal leakage. Lift the seal should be replaced at this time, check whether the shaft seal part wear occurs, but also check the prime mover output shaft and shaft concentricity and other components. If the lift platform when the seal back pressure is too high, it needs to be repaired, so that the back pressure in the pressure seal lift value.

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